Properties for sale

Golden Eagle International's history of selling property in central London spans the company's entire 30 years of trading. There are plenty of estate agents who continue to overprice a property just to win the instruction. At Golden Eagle, we sell property the same way we did when we started over 30 years ago. We consider the key factors when valuing properties: the market, comparable property sales in the area and the availability of other stock, as well as assessing its target marketplace. This enables us to get a realistic value of the property.

We have many different ways of sourcing, whether it be on the open market or off-plan, including a network of private bankers who always refer properties for sale to us, family trusts, Insolvency Agencies who ask us to sell on behalf of bankrupted parties and referrals from embassies on behalf of their native persons.

As the Directors of Golden Eagle also invest in prime central London property, buyers can always feel comfortable that Golden Eagle staff are well versed in the market and know what they are talking about when it comes to property. Should a question arise the staff can't answer, the directors are always just a phone call away, to staff OR buyers.