Marketing your property

Marketing is always an important part of any business and we at Golden Eagle are always looking for new ways to market not only our brand, but the properties and services we have to offer. These are just a few of the ways we market our properties:

Web Marketing

Generally speaking, the place most people look for a property is now the internet. At Golden Eagle, we invest heavily in internet marketing on mainstream property portal sites including,,, and Our own website is redesigned annually to keep it looking modern and user friendly.


You can always tell a Golden Eagle vehicle, whether it be one of our fleet of Brabus Smart cars, or one of our Maintenance vans, they are all smartly logoed in our company colours and contact details and are regularly zipping around central London (within the speed limit) on viewings or maintaining our portfolio.


Where permitted, we like to put property boards up, informing potential purchasers or tenants of a property for sale or to let. Unlike other agents, we commission "property specific boards" showing internal pictures and brief bullet-points of the property in question, thus only attracting parties who are potentially interested in the property.


We design our property brochures to be as modern and smart as possible. We don't fill them with boring waffle, we detail the important basic facts, professionally taken photographs and often, 3D floorplans, giving the reader everything they need to know for the first step to making a decision.

Property Carousels

At Golden Eagle we like to utilise the latest technologies in our offices, and a new feature we are phasing in, is Property Carousels. This means that instead of window cards that most agents use, we now utilise modern 40" Samsung plasma screens which display full colour, scrolling details of all properties that are available to buy or rent.

Word of Mouth

Regardless of how much money is spent on marketing, we believe there is no better way of expanding the business than through good old fashioned word of mouth and this is how at least 50% of our new business is achieved! Our work ethics and personal service have helped us grow to the size we are, but we never forget where we came from. Whether it be to buy a property or report a maintenance issue, our staff always treat every phone call with the personal service it deserves! Our staff never "cut and run" once a deal is done, instead they take the view of, "this is the first of many" and put every effort into building personal and lasting relationships.